Mobilier national, "Unheimlichkeit" acquisition

  • A pair of Angle armchairs is now officially part of the collections of the Mobilier national, and they will furnish the most emblematic buildings of the French Republic. Since the 17th century, the Mobilier national (originally Le Garde-meuble de la Couronne) has supported the creative arts and crafts to ensure the conservation and restoration of its unique collections.
    This collection stands with the same values, highly-crafted by Atelier Adrian Augagneur, Declercq passementiers and Maison Brazet with Chiarastella Cattana fabrics.

    Angle armchair
    solid pearwood, cotton canvas panel, wool handmade passementerie câblé polonais.
    Limited edition of 8.

  • The starting-point was a cotton canvas, from Chiarastella Cattana’s collection, weaved in the region of Milan as a technical fabric used since the end of 19th century for military supply. To make this fabric structural with tension, it required a frame. Referring to traditional French cabinet-making techniques, the woodwork here involves the assemblage of independent solid pearwood pieces in order to create the structure and a mixture of veins and colors.

    The Unheimlichkeit collection, it was first presented in April 2023 at Sofia Zevi during the Milan Design week.

  • Photography Lucas Frank