caterina frongia: dattilotessile

  • We are pleased to present in our store the latest collection of rugs by artist Caterina Frongia. The daughter of a Sardinian weaver, Caterina experiments with the craftsmanship of her homeland along with a more contemporary perspective on weaving. Textile writing is the common denominator between old and new works, it is the idea that becomes form, the metaphor that turns into matter. On her rugs, stories come to life in many forms, through words, colors, symbols. Exploring Caterina's work is like diving into her personal diary, full of images and stories.
    In this case, however, it is not an anthology of other people's stories encrypted and yet to be deciphered, but the typing of a sincere laying bare of the artist's personal stories.

  • "A glance from another person makes one transparent and reduces one's back up  against the wall: if you want to hide something, it is better not to look  directly in the eye, on the contrary, if you want to say something, just look." 

    The gaze is but the observation of a snapshot, the blow-up of a single circumstance, the stolen snapshot of a private moment.  The focus of this work is on sight and the resulting image always has to do with  the eyes, on the ability to immortalize an intimate event.  On the tapestry, the image is described, romanticized, almost to legitimize the  context of voyeurism that has been created.

  • REALLY? col white
    "Ma davvero le pensavi tutte quelle cose? Quel giorno, solo un giorno, quella bella luce negli occhi."
    "But did you really think all those things? That day, just one day, that beautiful light in your eyes."
    Perfectly remembering the look of that person who spoke to you one day with true intent. Their eyes even made you forget the words, which were not sincere at all.

  • DON'T DREAM IT, BE IT col cyclamen
    "Le nostre teste erano vicine, potevo sentirti respirare; poi hai guardato in alto, dove guardavo io."
    "Our heads were close, I could hear you breathing; then you looked up, where I was looking."
    The thrill of physical closeness happening for the first time. The realization that this is something absolute but real. Falling in love starts here.

    "Nel tempo che ci hai messo a voltarti, battendo le ciglia lentamente, sono nata e rinata molte volte."
    "In the time it took you to turn around, blinking slowly, I was born and reborn many times."
    This image is almost cinematic, it is an 'outside day', we are observing a person ahead of us on the road who is about to turn around: when they turn around we will have no chance, he will see us and will certainly recognize us: the desire to meet that gaze is electrifying and terrible at the same time. The scene unfolds in slow motion.

  • LENS col blue
    "Un cielo gigantesco alle tue spalle, i miei piedi ingranditi dall’acqua, che capelli giovani avevi."
    "A gigantic sky behind you, my feet enlarged by water, what young hair you had."
    This is the true description of a photograph taken on the rocks many years ago. The photo was taken with a Rollei.