edgar jayet: unheimlichkeit

17 - 23 April 2023
Spazio Sofia Zevi, Via Ciovasso 19 (entrance Via del carmine) 20121 Milan, Italy.
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  • As a first collaboration between Edgar Jayet and Chiarastella Cattana, “Unheimlichkeit”, is a furniture collection of highly crafted numbered pieces. The wooden structures provide a narrative skeleton, while the fabrics fill in the body. Here too, we find an investigation of domesticity, finely balanced between the imaginary and the real, between the object’s familiar appearance and destabilizing replications of its underlying structures. The viewer is confronted with an intriguing sensation of “Unheimlichkeit”, the familiar as unfamiliar, as it reveals alternative realities: the physical presence of the works intertwined with the thoughts and memories that they represent.

  • Images courtesy of Alberto Strada.