akira hara, the venice glass week

  • The installation aims to bring together the different types of processing of the same object: a functional lamp with modernist aesthetics, which grew in popularity from the 1950s onwards, customizable for every space, characterized by countless geometric shapes, satisfying the search for ethical and social design by meeting the new living realities of the time.
    In the design and realization of this type of lamp, were involved most of the Italian lighting industries; the white etched glass of the early 1950s was later joined by colour, either in stripes or spots. 
    The Murano glass industry made its innumerable glass-working techniques available to create new and unique aesthetics: 
    murrine, canes, ballotton, zanfirico, a bollicine, pulegoso. Countless Italian and foreign designers have dedicated themselves to the design of this type of light, leaving us an important creative lighting legacy.