lilli doriguzzi: "danza"

March 2016
Chiarastella Cattana, San Marco 3216, 30124 Venice, Italy

The new Chiarastella Cattana space opens its doors with an exhibition of Lilli Doriguzzi “Danza” .
(Full press text, below).
  • The strength of "fragility" dominates the scene of the last installation by the Venetian artist Lilli Doriguzzi.
    Danza wants to provoke and stimulate the curiosity of the visitor who "after being blinded by the strong lights that have been placed in the room” – says Lilli Doriguzzi – “I would like him to see the discs in their appearance and also in their form which is apparently fragile but in fact resistant given the diameter of 70 centimeters and the thickness of 70 millimeters".The Venetian artist's work challenges the attention of those who enter the exhibition space. The seven convex discs in Murano glass are almost imperceptible. Thus continues the research of Lilli Doriguzzi played on lights and transparencies where the viewer finds himself interacting with works that invite to observe carefully. Once the glass discs have been identified and recognized, the visitor is invited to occupy them: and it is here that the balance is destabilized; what seems fragile at first glance becomes resistant, capable of questioning every certainty.