alice diaz de santillana: think ephemeral

9-16 September 2019
Chiarastella Cattana, San Marco 3216, 30124 Venice, Italy

A solo exhibition by Alice Diaz de Santillana for The Venice Glass Week 2018.
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  • Images courtesy of Enrico Fiorese.

  • Experiments in glass, archetypes and prototypes, small fragile spaces of shelter; seed and shells; Alice Diaz de Santillana’s glass allows us to discreetly enter her practice. These new glass objects are among her first experiments connecting and explaining many stories.
    “Think Ephemeral” represents the fusion of my creative and technical experience in the world of Haute Couture and the influence of my family’s long term involvement with the artistic tradition of Murano glass — my great grandfather was Paolo Venini. These two artistic ingredients have been the primary influences on the progression of my own aesthetic trajectory. I conceived this project to create a dialog between the disparate worlds of fashion and glass. Designed as a limited series of “Portable Art” that combines traditional Muranese glassblowing techniques with textiles and metals, the pieces also incorporate art with practical applications. They may vary in usage and can be carried to any occasion as a clutch, used as a jewelry box or simply as a cherished decoration, always with the purpose of adding a refined and unique atmosphere.” Alice Diaz de Santillana