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"Archetipi" rug

"Archetipi" rug

It is the first absolute and autonomous specimen.
It is something already written in our unconscious before it is read with the characteristics that writing has in the common language.
For Jung, there are 12 archetypes and they are contained in the collective unconscious: they are never accessible, but they surface in figurative language, in myths, in oneiric symbols. They are the 12 forms of being.

The daughter of a Sardinian weaver, Caterina Frongia experiments with the craftsmanship of her homeland along with a more contemporary perspective on weaving. Textile writing is the common denominator between old and new works, it is the idea that becomes form, the metaphor that turns into matter. On her rugs, stories come to life in many forms, through words, colors, symbols. Exploring Caterina's work is like diving into her personal diary, full of images and stories.
In this case, however, it is not an anthology of other people's stories encrypted and yet to be deciphered, but the typing of a sincere laying bare of the artist's personal stories.

80% wool 20% cotton 

200 x 330 cm
(78.7” x 130”)

To ensure proper care of the rug, it is recommend the use of a specialized dry-cleaner. The best way is cold wash cleaning. Vacuum your rug regularly with reduced suction and a soft brush, but the best way to remove dust is shake it out of the window in a very italian way!
For stains: remove the liquid or solid stains as quick as possible. Apply dilution of detergent and cold water with a damp sponge. Then rinse with a cloth dampened in water.
When you receive the rug, please roll it up for a few hours, and make it each time you decide to keep it.

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