the child's room

  • A new lamp has arrived in the baby's room, and he likes it because it is embellished with colorful dots. But the child does not know that that lamp is special because although it came out of a machine mold, it was decorated by the hand of a craftsman. In the evening, however, the child notices that the lamp is alone in a white corner and there is no one to keep its colorful dots company, so he decides to play with the pillows to better provide it with a home to light. So here the blue squares move closer to the reds, yellow peeps out from the top of the shelf, and the false squares make friends with each other.

  • The pillows in a room are like dowels that connect all the different colors and designs together. In this shelf they play at being the pieces of a puzzle, which, however, turns out to have endless combinations. The three primary colors, which hold sway, emerge sharply from the pillowcases of checked pillows and other shapes. White threads intersect with blue, yellow and red threads and create contrasts of full, bold tones. Added to these, however, is the false square, pattern F58, in which threads come together in weaving going to create the suggestion of a square, mitigating the three primary colors into an elegant windowpane pattern.

  • Images courtesy of Giulia Coluccello.

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